A Battery Replacement Can Save an Old iPhone

A Battery Replacement Can Save an Old iPhone

We were reading news on iPhones recently, and found an article where a woman said that she didn’t know she could get a battery replacement for her iPhone. When she found out, she was able to save her old phone. In other words, she didn’t need to buy another one. The battery solved all of her issues.

We were surprised that she didn’t know, but her explanation made sense. She said that Apple never gave battery replacement as a possible solution to her problems. She said that her device was slow and that she wasn’t able to keep a charge for very long. While she knew the charge would be the battery, but she didn’t know that it was the slowness of her phone. She thought it was just because it was old.

When she got a battery replacement, she realized that the phone worked as good as new. She was back to loving her phone again.

We hate to hear stories like this because we try to let people know all of the time that battery replacements for iPhones is what can save their old iPhone. It’s what can save money!

No one NEEDS to get the latest iPhone. Sure, we all want something new, but it’s not needed.

You can keep your iPhone for a few years. Sure, sometimes, it will need a new battery, screen, or even camera, but replacements are nowhere close to being as costly as a brand new iPhone. Think of a hundred dollars versus a thousand dollars.

What to Do When Your iPhone Has Issues

When your iPhone has issues, trust an Apple repair shop like iResQ to tell you what is wrong with it. We have a free diagnostics service that will look over your phone to see what is causing the trouble you’re having with it. When we know, we will tell you what can be done to fix it. You can then decide if it’s worth the replacement/repair, or if you want to buy a new one.

We like our customers to be aware. No one should ever be in the dark when it comes to their most used item. Turn to us if you have any questions about your iPhone or other mobile device. We can help.

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