Apple starts selling unlocked iPhone 5

Apple starts selling unlocked iPhone 5
As more options are released for obtaining an iPhone 5 of your own, iResQ's iPhone repair services can keep your device in top working order.

Back around the September release of the iPhone 5, Apple said it would be selling an unlocked iPhone 5, which means a model that is not tied to a specific network, within a few months. Apple has now officially begun online sales of the unlocked iPhone 5 through its website, The Washington Post reported.

Apple also sells unlocked versions of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, and like these models, the iPhone 5 will only work with supported GSM networks and will not work for Verizon or Sprint customers. The news source also revealed that the largest GSM-based network that does not have the iPhone is T-Mobile.

The unlocked versions will mean there are no carrier subsidies attached to the purchase, meaning the unlocked iPhone 5 starts at $649 for the 16 GB model, with the 32 GB model costing $749 and the 64 GB model costing $849. In addition, Apple restricts the sale of the unlocked models to two per customer.

A new iPhone can "unlock" a world of possibility, but all the fun can be cut short if the device is damaged. Should your new unlocked iPhone 5 ever suffer an accident, iResQ's iPhone repair services can get your device back to working order and you back online in no time.

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