A Broken iPhone but Not a Broken Budget

Today’s busy lifestyle has caused most people to rely very heavily on a smartphone. In many cases, making phone calls is the least of what is expected from this mobile electronic lifeline. Email, messaging, apps and other tools allow most of us to conduct personal and work tasks from almost any location. But this convenience and connectivity is also a double edged sword. When your iPhone gets damaged or broken, your productivity comes grinding to a halt. This crash is normally followed very quickly by panic and a frantic search for a solution. Beware though that buying a new iPhone is not always necessary or the most financially responsible option.

Repair Not Replace

Going cold turkey when your iPhone is damaged is never recommended. This state of panic and disorientation can cost you a lot of money if you quickly opt to buy a new phone. But a quick search of the Internet can direct you to the nearest phone repair shop for an evaluation and estimate to fix your current phone. You are certain to be amazed at all of the services which are offered by very reputable cell phone repair shops.

Common Services

Repairing external damage to an iPhone is not that uncommon. Screens are often cracked when a phone is dropped or if the phone is placed in a pocket and inadvertently becomes a seat cushion. Ports can also be damaged by dropping or if the wrong jack or some other object is accidentally jammed into them. And finally, impact to the phone can also result in damage to the phone speaker. But the good news is that all of these issues can easily be repaired by a trained iPhone technician. And in many cases, the repairs can be completed in just a few hours.

Batteries Are Replaceable

Another issue that can plaque an iPhone owner is the dreaded aging battery. Gone are the days of simply ordering a replacement battery to snap onto the back of your phone. And phone manufacturers would like you to think that the only solution is to buy the latest upgraded model, but there is another option. A fast visit to iResQ can get you a new battery without having to ship your phone off for service.

Exterior damage or an aging battery are not really reasons to invest in a new iPhone. Instead, invest just a little bit of time and a fraction of the money to have your current iPhone repaired at a local service shop.



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