Month: October 2015

Retina MacBook: Most Unrepairable Notebook Made So Far

macbook repair People have been trying to fix their own MacBooks for years. Some of them have been successful, while others have ended up ruining their notebook. This has cost them thousands of dollars. Since most people believe that if they can repair one MacBook, they can do it again with another one, we wanted to let…
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The Gresso Wallet Case – Protection and Function Wrapped into One

gresso slider People are changing what they want from their iPhone and other smartphone cases. Many of them have already chosen the snap close wallet type, so they can place their phone inside of it and then their credit cards on the left side. People love them because they can walk out the door with just the…
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Problems with the iPhone 6S

The iPhone 6s just came out, but people are already having some issues with it. The following are some of the common problems found with the latest iPhone. Common iPhone 6S Problems Slide to Update Gets Stuck One of the first problems identified was the reluctance of the Slide to Update feature. When someone tries…
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