Month: August 2015

The Right to Fix Devices Instead of Paying for a New One

fix devices In a recent article, author Kendra Pierre-Louis talks about how many manufacturers in this day and age push consumers to purchase new mobile devices rather than just fix the ones they have. We couldn’t agree with this more. With new models coming out almost every 6 months now, manufacturers are hoping that consumers will upgrade…
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How to Love a Cracked iPhone 4

cracked iphone 4 iPhones crack, so do other phones.  But do you love your iPhone anyway?  This girl did.  Apparently, she got accustomed to the simplicity of her cracked iPhone 4. She’s only owned one smartphone and has had it since 2010.  The screen on her iPhone 4 is cracked, the batteries don’t last past a Friday night…
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MacBook Pro Staingate Display Issues

macbook staingate Some owners of the Retina MacBook Pro are dealing with Staingate.  This is when the anti-reflective display coat wears off of it. This complaint has been going on for a little while now and leaves the MacBook Pro looking like it has a stain on it. Now referred to as Staingate, the problem has become…
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